PLW-Rob laser cell

Robot-aided automation is a launch pad for optimising productivity and quality, thus ensuring that you take a lead in a very competitive world. Our PLW-Rob makes your production more efficient – regardless of your industry, the size of your organisation and the products that you provide. Robot-aided automation is just one of the many options we can offer. In our cells, we install robots by Universal Robot Co. These units are exceptional with their intuitive programming functions, diverse applications, and a near endless list of options and expansions. With an action radius of 500mm, a rated load of up to 3 kg, small base, and a weight of just 11kg, the UR3 is compact but also powerful. The standard lift door guarantees compliance with safety regulations.

Our services

Your benefits at a glance
  • Fully-automated marking of specific batch sizes
  • Maximal reduction of set-up times
  • Maximal reduction of cycle times
  • Efficient space utilisation
  • Time-saving processing of large series
  • Integrated extraction
  • Integrated industrial PC
Technical data
  • Laser protection class 1
  • Mobile laser protection cabin
    • Exterior housing dimensions: 800mmx 1050mmx 1901mm
  • Electrically-driven protective door
  • Internal extraction system (including activated carbon filter)
  • Touch PC with Windows software
  • Interface to Siemens S7 external controller
  • Laser protection window approx. 280mm x 20mm
  • Grid board 400mm x 720mm