PLW-L laser cell

Thanks to an ergonomic and compact design, the PLW-L laser cells from Somack are optimally suited for the flexible solution of a multitude of marking tasks. The PLW-L systems are extremely compact at just 0.84qm (plus the operator terminal) but still allow for a markable area of up to 400x720mm, thanks to an intelligently-optimised space utilisation. With a width of just 80cm, these machines fit through any door. Standard equipment of the systems include an extraction system with activated carbon filter integrated in the housing, a fast electrically-operated lift door to laser protection class 1, and, of course, an NC-controlled Z-axis. All you need to operate the unit are two 230V sockets. A touch screen ensures convenient operation.

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Your benefits at a glance
  • Maximal reduction of set-up times
  • Maximal reduction of cycle times
  • Efficient space utilisation
  • Multiple applications
  • Integrated extraction
  • Integrated industrial PC
Variety of uses

Laser-marking systems have a wide range of applications. In our laser-marking systems, we install lasers from various manufacturers that comply with current industrial standards. Applications range from high-quality event inscriptions on all metals to day/night design marking via enamel stripping and, thus, all applications that require not only high-quality but cost-efficient markings. Our laser-marking systems ensure a high level of precision. You can process small and large series and highly-complex work piece geometries in top quality.

Technical data
  • Laser protection class 1
  • Mobile laser protection cabin
    • Exterior housing dimensions: 800mmx 1050mmx 1901mm
  • Servo-driven axes:
    • X-axis: 500mm (76.92mm/s)
    • Y-axis: 430mm (76.92mm/s)
    • Z-axis: 350mm (47.62mm/s)
    • Rotation axis: 360°
  • Electrically-driven protective door
  • Internal extraction system (including activated carbon filter)
  • Touch PC with Windows software
  • Interface to Siemens S7 external controller
  • Laser protection window 280mm x 200mm
  • Grid board 400mm x 720mm
  • Servo-driven rotary indexing table 650mm