The spectrum ranges from high-quality tempering markings and engravings on metals of all kinds to elaborate design markings on plastics. Tools, jewellery, medical devices, automotive components, as well as a multitude of other objects, can be marked in top quality in small and large series. Even particularly demanding materials are processed in detail quality with minimal cycle time.

You do not have to make sure that your marking is applied to a flat surface. Lasers with 3D optics machine bevels, spheres, but also free-form surfaces, as distortion-free as an even surface. Do you have an inquiry? Contact us and we will advise you on the right laser based on samples. This way, you get the typeface that will later be applied to your product long before the order is placed.

It also doesn’t matter whether you want to laser plain text, various codes or logo files. We implement each sample according to your requirements and check the feasibility in case of doubt.