Module assembly

Job order production at Somack


Due to the high portion of in-house manufactured components in our products, we have a state-of-the-art and comprehensive range of machines for production. Because we manufacture high-technology machinery with very exacting components, we not only have the necessary technical equipment but also the requisite manufacturing expertise and highly-qualified personnel.


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The provision of capacities for job order production is an essential component of our component production unit. In addition to processing individual orders, we are also highly interested in long-term and sustainable collaborations.

Module assembly In-house manufacturing or procuring? This is a recurring question. Somack can take on the complete manufacturing with all functional and application elements. From the idea to the finished product, including assembly. A majority of the devices or machines supplied by us are not only manufactured but fully assembled to installation plans. Thanks to our vertical range of manufacture, we can quickly realise your orders and deliver samples. To be able to offer a single-source solution, we cooperate with selected suppliers. Thus, we are able to accept even larger jobs. Due to our comprehensive experience, we can offer optimal consultation and efficient complete solutions to our customers. Outsourcing with Somack – simple, fast, and reliable.

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