Code of Conduct

  1. Compliance with applicable legislation

The compliance with all applicable laws and other statutory regulations is an indispensable element of all activities at Somack GmbH. This code establishes some essential principles for responsible actions of the Somack Group, and its employees and officers. It is impossible, however, to discuss all statutory regulations that must be complied with on a global basis by the officers (management and board) and the employees. All employees and officers of Somack GmbH are obliged to know the statutory regulations applicable to their tasks in the company, and when in doubt, to obtain legal advise from the relevant corporate departments.

  1. Corruption

All employees undertake to do everything in their power to prevent corruption. Corruption is defined as the offering, granting or accepting a gift, loan, commission, award or any other benefits to or from another person as an incentive to act dishonest, illegally or breaking trust.

  1. Conflicts of Interest

All officers and employees of Somack GmbH are duty-bound to avoid conflicts of interest between their private interests (directly or indirectly, or by related individuals or companies) and the interests of Somack GmbH.

  1. International Trade

The applicable statutory regulations regarding international trade of their products and services are binding for Somack GmbH. Hence, companies within Somack GmbH always comply with all export and import prohibitions and approvals by the relevant authorities based on national or international legislation.

  1. Fair working conditions, Equal rights, Anti-discrimination

The commercial success of Somack GmbH is highly-dependant on their employees. Hence, the company avows its commitment to social responsibility. And it is in its own interest, that at Somack GmbH fair working conditions are ensured globally. Compliance with all local labour and social laws is a matter of fact. The commandment of fair work conditions includes the condemnation of all types of discrimination of employees due to their gender, sexual orientation, their origin, skin colour, or other personal characteristics. Somack GmbH considers it an obligation to be an employer treating all employees respectfully and fairly. Somack GmbH thus expects their employees to interact respectfully at all times. Discrimination or harassment will not be tolerated.

  1. Child labour

Somack GmbH rejects child labour, including at sites of their business partners. The minimum legal age for employment with Somack GmbH will be complied with according to the relevant national legislation.

  1. Work safety, Health, Fire prevention and Environment protection

All employees are tasked to avoid dangers to people and the environment, to minimally affect the environment, and to use resources sparingly. Processes, work spaces and tools must meet the applicable legal and internal provisions regarding workplace safety and protection of health and environment as well as fire prevention.

  1. Confidentiality

The knowledge and information gained in Somack GmbH are an essential element of the company’s commercial success. Somack GmbH invents significant personnel and financial resources in the development of innovative products and services. Protecting these innovations ensures the competitive edge for Somack GmbH, hence, this protection is of very high value. All employees and officers of Somack GmbH are obliged to prevent that such knowledge and information, inasmuch as they represent company or trade secrets, to be disseminated outside of the company by, for example, unauthorised distribution of sensitive data while conversing with third parties, in specialist publications, or through the Internet. Furthermore, any employee dealing with such knowledge or information is obliged to learn as to what extent the attainment of commercial protective rights for such knowledge and information may be feasible. The company or trade secrets of the business partners of Somack GmbH are also to be protected against an unauthorised dissemination.

  1. Privacy policy

Respecting our employees includes the protection of their personal data. For this reason, Somack GmbH pays close attention to the compliance with all regulations of the applicable data protection laws, and demands the same vigilance of their employees.

  1. Internal organisation for the compliance with this code of conduction

Every business unit is individually responsible for the unit’s compliance with the rules established in this code of conduct, as well other corporately-determined rules.